Founding member at Sportdec

Our product is the world’s first truly social real money gaming platform for sport, offering a new choice for fans to predict match results and events with friends, powered by a unique game mechanic. It delivers a more flexible and engaging experience, not available from traditional sports betting and DFS operators.

Modern sports fans are increasingly being targeted with traditional sports betting offerings. In an environment where there is an increasing issue with problem gambling and how it is advertised, these products both ignore casual fans and the softer more engaging approach required. The gambling industry also faces additional challenges with high customer churn, while alternatives such as daily fantasy sports have been unable to scale beyond their core demographic or internationally, in a market where publishers are seeking new ways to monetise their established user base.

Rather than relying on margin from traditional bet stakes, we generate revenue through entries to public and private games, charging a 5-10% fee. Standard betting is available, but this is a secondary focus for revenue. Sportdec operates under fixed odds and pool betting licences in the UK and Ireland, and is in the process of securing a UKGC software licence for our unique game, retaining full ownership of the IP with the ability to licence this to third party operators and partners on a fixed fee or revenue share basis.   

Sportdec was acquired by Winsure international in 2018

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