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Working on sportdec our team was tasked with creating an online sports statistics, news and betting application for Android and iOS.

This product was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on, we had to take everything that was learned on previous applications and condense that down to a mobile friendly platform.

Technologies and techniques used in this project where as follows:


Cordova was essential to getting this product “on the shelves” as quick as possible, It allowed us to leverage our extensive javascript skills to get a project from concept to production in only a short few months and also allowed us to leverage some of the great features that are available to native mobile applications.


Ionic was extremely helpful and meant we didn’t need to worry about spending too much time on layout and design from the get go. Ionic was also extremely helpful when it came to our designers conforming to a style guide when building for a mobile platform. This was one of our first major mobile applications and it couldn’t have gone smoother, going from design to concept was seamless.


We decided to move away from BackboneJS in this project as we felt AngularJS had gone through enough iterations to be extremely stable. A strong pull that Angular had on our team was its management of binding data between the factory, controller and the DOM. Using the binding that was available to us in AngularJS allowed us to worry more about the front end controller logic rather than hacking together binding logic.

We inevitably ran in to some walls with angular, one of which was the reason we started using it and that was the data binding functions. Due to the amount of data we had on some of the pages sometimes thousands of objects which pretty much ate up all the resources available to the mobile browser. In some cases we had over 3000 watchers on a single page which meant we spent a number of days refactoring our code to display just the necessities, this number was eventually brought down to the hundreds rather than the thousands. This lead to serious improvements in the applications performances both when idle and under heavy load.


Pubnub was used to make sure the data coming from our servers to the user was very low latency. With this kind of product during a live match we could see close to a thousand changes to the front end every minute, with match data, news and sportsbook market changes. Pubnub allowed us to keep a very high SLA compared to using our own implementation of open sockets, which would cost more time in development as it would need to be scaled for our quite complex tasks.

Ongoing Project

Sportdec have a lot of interesting ideas coming up in the future and I hope to be supporting them along the way.

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