Live Visitors: 0 was a personal project that I worked on for over two years which had relatively good success as my first major web venture. was a place for Irish citizens to get up to date information on criminal news in Ireland, we also covered such things as missing persons and Police alerts. At its peak had over 250k views per month and was ran out of a passion to keep users informed of news that was usually sensationalised. During the time I worked on I had alot of young journalists come through it’s doors that have gone on to do great things which include working for major Irish papers, getting front page articles and also an impressive “Virtual Nomad”.

I attribute a lot of my tech success to this project as is thought me some of the following skills

  • People Management
  • Dealing with sensitive issues
  • Dealing with people in a sensitive manor mainly victims of crime
  • Selling a product to potential advertisers
  • Creating a good relationship with many sources


Notable tech challenges that I overcame while working on this project

  • Working with Linux servers
  • Working with web traffic spikes
  • Working with¬†Amazon EC2
  • MySQL Database maintenance
  • Rewriting poor wordpress¬†plugin and theme code bases
  • Developing stable WordPress plugins


Live Visitors: 0

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David Cusack is a full stack developer focusing on mobile and web technologies.

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