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Working with the team we were tasked with building an online sportsbook with an element of social media and social networking.

I cant get in to too much detail related to this product due to a signed NDA but I can give a brief outline of the technology used for this project

BackboneJS / MarionetteJS

Using the BackboneJS framework allowed us to create a large single page application that updated dynamically and at the time was the most responsive online sportsbook at the time, since then many other sportsbooks have started using javascript frameworks to create single page applications.


We used NodeJS to interact with third party API’s which allowed us to create extremely low latency between our front end and our Mongo databases. We found this to be the best option as we had to parse less data and could move services from server to client side.


MongoDB was used to track historical changes in the market parsing service, this was used due to data differences in markets and events. Within the gambling industry markets are dropped and created every second, having a database that could handle this with ease was imperitive.


PHP with the Yii framework was used to serve our customer facing API’s, we decided to use this technology as we had a strong skill level within the team and we didn’t feel node was mature enough to handle all the necessary requirements that was needed to provide the customer.


MySQL was used for situations where low latency was not so much of an issue but tracking historical changes was a must. From tracking customers betting history to storing there account details. We felt this was more robust for this kind of data at the time and is still in use today.

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