About Me

David Cusack is a full stack developer focusing on mobile and web applications. He has worked on everything from small wordpress websites and plugins to large low latency high efficiency mobile projects.

Full Stack Developer @ Sportdec.com

Working with two other developers at Sportdec.com developing a hybrid mobile application for iOS and Android using Cordova, AngularJS and Ionic along with building API’s that hooked into external service provider API’s using NodeJS, Express, MongoDB and PubNub. Due to the small numbers in the company we are very agile when it comes to business decisions and development.

Sportdec is a fantastic company to work with, being there from its conception and working with people at the top of the gaming industry I gave direct input into developing the Sportdec product. With extensive knowledge in the sports book industry we have carved out a great corner in the online sports book market in the UK and Ireland.

Full Stack Developer @ VenueOne

Developing social network/gambling solutions. I have worked with PHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, JQuery, BackboneJS, PubNub, MVC & OOP methods, API’s from social to gambling. I have also worked with other technologies. Projects I have worked on with VenueOne are listed below.

Co Founder/Full Stack Developer @ BeanBagSports.com

Our task was to create a website that combined social networking with online gambling. We use many technologies such as the ones above to develop the website. I am currently a shareholder in this company as I was the third developer to join the project. You can find a lot more by going to https://beanbagsports.com

Developer @ GallopsLive.com

Coming in quite late to this project I didn’t have too much of an input dealing with the initial start, upon joining I was tasked with coming up with a concept for subscription based horseracing tips which was developed using the Realex Payment API and a MySQL backend which went from concept to production in approximately 1 month.

Founder/Developer @ Crime.ie

Developing an online news website using PHP, jQuery and other server side technologies with a max of 400k page views per month. I also managed volunteer staff of 10 people, where I brought two volunteers to VenueOne in which one was also a full stack developer for 16months. Running Crime.ie was a great learning experience both in coding and management and truly carved out the career path I am on today.

If you would like to work with me on you next project please get in touch here today.