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The following is a technical review of the Intreo website and the problems with, I am not claiming to be an expert but there are a few things wrong. This was initially highlighted by u/freshly_squeezed_ass on Reddit

The server

The webserver is running on IIS which itself will cost substantially more than your standard Apache instance. Being a website owned by the Department of Social Protection surely you can save some cash by using virtual service such as Amazon or Google with load balancing and very easily reduce costs, as I would imagine traffic only peeks a couple times a day.

Folder Naming

I know you guys are running windows servers but for the love of god please name your folders appropriately with lower cases and don’t use the following crazy folder casing “/Html/css/style.css”

The website framework

You guys are using Angular which is great, but it would be great if you got some of the fundamentals down before launching a government website that has to deal with large amounts of people, you really have a great chance to flex your skills which other devs can only dream of.


In some cases you guys are using IIFE in other cases not, I do hope you stick with one or are just rolling out the IIFE standard in the project and example of this is HomeController.js vs ContactController.js


If I could offer you one piece of advice it would be to use sunscre… I mean UI Router trust me on this, as you are going down the path of using angular pre version 2 this will save you headaches as the website gets more complex, and it will once Leo gets his mits on the project.

Your vacancy post pages all have the same URL, why is this, why not set a route with a parameter instead of using some crazy factory that gets and sets the data. I mean how are people supposed to share the jobs online with there friends. Really?


When using angular your goal should be to distance yourself from JQuery as much as possible, I know you have time constraints and need to get the project out the door, but get deeper in to angular have a look at directives/components and try scrape it back to plain old javascript. You’ll find a lot can be done with this. In fairness is that waypoints library really necessary.

Web Requests

There is no excuse for this one, you guys are using jquery ajax functions to make web requests, why not offload these to factories, why not use angular resources, I do hope you are using a rest API.

Google Maps

I don’t care to look in to this too much but for some reason you are calling the google maps api when loading the employers route. You should really register for an API key, whatever you are trying to do will never actually do.


Get somebody on this project to learn how to use Bower, it will help you immensely especially if you insist on using all those jquery plugins again trust me on this.

Inline Styles

Come on lads seriously you need to stop this, I am as guilty as anyone here but thankfully my peers slapped the shit out of my inline styles, but I’ll still sneak a few through the code review, even if I do have to Base64 them. Also check out SASS again time saving in the long run.

Font Awesome

I hope your designer is reviewing the work you do, but if not then just to let you know that link is dead “” <– saving you some time


I only checked out the contact us page but please tell me you’ve seen this.

typeError: Cannot set property ‘FromPage’ of undefined

This is caused because you are trying to do the following

$scope.Contact.FromPage = ‘Contact’;

before actually setting $scope.Contact, you can’t have a child that has no parent “apparently” and again with the casing style guide

Concatenate, Minify and Compress

I assume the government is paying for this service and the ongoing associated fees, please do your fellow country me proud and do the above.


I don’t claim to be an expert, but not being an expert and being able to pick out the few things above show that the money the government is paying is going to a substandard service.

As a fellow web dev I would give my left arm to build a website that is important to so many people and I think it should be respected a lot more than what it is.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do the job most of us would only dream of doing.

I would love to hear feedback on this


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